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Britney Spears Makes Top 30 On Wikipedia!


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Hot as ice!

Britney Spears Wikipedia page landed in at number 11 for the top 30 most edited page. Brit Brit is the most  edited page of any female artist, she is also the second most edited pop star on Wikipedia and she has beaten the Beatles, who are now in 14th place. AMAZING!!


Congratulations Miss Spears!!!

Thank you to our flawless member AmericanDream for finding this for us.

Read it on our mainsite!
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Guest QueenJocasta

"Most Edited" isn't exactly an accomplishment :awkwarddd: ... but it's pretty amazing that she has one of the most controversial pages on Wikipedia. When you consider that Michael Jackson (literally the most famous recording artist of all time, and an accused pedophile) is the only other artist in the top 30 it's pretty interesting. Her name is alongside Jesus, Hitler, Barak Obama, President Bush... 

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