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so was wondering could someone give me their ideas and input on a cat tree i am making. It is my sullution to keep the kitten food from being eaten by our dog and our dog from eating the cat litter tray contents.like this on except not as big.


i'm making it using mdf board and making the height using drain pipe. has anyone any ideas on how to attach the drain pipe to the mdf boards.i tried cutting out wood circle to fit inside the drain pipe flush to then nail to the mdf board but it is hard to do. has anyone got any better ideas of how to do it

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You should just pile up some boxes and feed the kitten there. About the litter tray, you should get one of these




and adapt it ins such way the litter box is inside it, but the door needs to be just big enough for the kitten to enter it, but too small for the dog to eat from it.  Or buy something like this, but I've never seen such a thing in a normal store.



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