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Hilary Duff Wants To Be Just Like Britney Spears! @britneyspears


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One of the many reasons why we love Hilary Duff.

Hilary duff recently opened up to Buzzfeed.com on how she wants to be just like our queen Britney Spears. Check out what she had to say:

When did you realize you had a passion for singing, and what made you decide to come back to music?

I always loved music, but I wanted obviously to be an actress. I was filming Lizzie McGuire for two years — we did like 65 episodes in two years. So after that I was like, ah, I gotta do something to not be Lizzie McGuire. And I loved her! And it was all good. But I was, like, just tired of doing the same thing every day, all day.

And I obviously loved
Britney Spears
, and I was like, I wanna be just like her! And I started singing. I started trying to sing, you know — getting vocal lessons and stuff like that. And that’s how it started.

Also our staff member King Anthony met Hilary Duff yesterday and asked her if she would do a collaboration with Britney Spears. Her response was:

I think I would die if I recorded with Britney Spears. I am such a huge fan of hers!

anthony 1

We love you Hilary. Thanks for being such a great stan when it comes to our girl Britney!

Read it on our mainsite!
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can't stand her, she is too sweet to be wholesome.again another kids entertainer there are loads of far more talented singer/performers out there never giving the break.

I dont really see it as another kids entertainer when Hilary tried to go more adult it didn't fit her image looked more like she was trying to hard! I think she just is who she is and I think it works for her.

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