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Britney Spears Music Video For "boys" Was Released 13 Years Ago Today @britneyspears


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BOYS, sometimes a girl just needs one.

Boys is a song recorded by our home girl Britney for her third studio album "Britney". It was written and produced by Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams.


The music video for "Boys" was directed by Dave Meyers. In the video, a man DJ Qualls, tries to get into a castle which is hosting a party being attended by Britney. When the security guards refuse to grant him access, he begins to scream for Britney. As the music starts, Britney, readying herself for the party in one of the castle's towers, is dancing with a group of women. The scene shifts to a castle courtyard, where Britney and a man are sit at opposite ends of a long table. Following this, Britney walks around a pool, in which she sees a man swimming. As they begin to interact with each other, Pharrell is at the bar with a woman. Brit Brit walks over to him and they begin to talk. Following this, Britney dances her ass off with a group of people, including Mike Myers as Austin Powers.  The video was nominated for at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards for Best Video from a Film, but it did not win.

Happy 13th Anniversary to the music video Boys!

Read it on our mainsite!
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