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main page Parents Parody Britney Spears To Announce That Oooh! They're Pregnant Again! @britneyspears

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Britney Spears you need to check out this HILARIOUS parody video!

These parents announce that they're having a baby one more time in this video but they do it the Britney Spears musical way.

Excited announcers: Parenting parody video team Jerrad and Machel Green

Due date: November 15, 2015

Announcement method of choice: The Greens put together a Britney Spears-themed music video, with parodies like "Oooh, We're Pregnant Again," "Nauseous" and "I'm A-Voiding You."

Standout lyrics: The creative parents put a pregnancy spin on some Britney's hottest songs, with lyrics like "Oooh we're pregnant again, with kid number two / We're back in the game, oooh baby baby" and "When the taste hits my lips I'm on a ride / I'm nauseous, can't keep it under."

Inspiration: Mama Machel told The Huffington Post that she's a big Britney Spears fan. "And we don't know how to be 'normal,' so we invoked our silly side again," she added. "We hope to show our kiddos that even when you're all grown up, you can still play!"


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