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Some Reasons Why #tomsdiner Should Be A Single! #tomsdinerforasingle @britneyspears


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toms diner cover 2

Listen up Miss Spears!!

We and the Britney Army are ready to convince you about two things:

1) How you should make a music video for "Toms Diner"


2) "Toms Diner" should be released as a single

Here are some reasons as to why we think it's a great idea:

1) Tom's Diner is the most successful track of Giorgio's Album during his debut


2) When the song leaked it was the most tweeted song 


3) It's doing really well on the charts:

Tom's Diner
#1 Bahrain
#2 Brazil
#3 Costa Rica
#5 Mexico
#1 Dominican Republic
#10 Argentina
#10 Belarus
#13 Peru
#14 Guatemala
#16 Thailand
#19 Philippines
#27 Colombia
#34 Israel
#45 Canada
#46 Italy
#55 Ireland
#59 Bulgaria
#60 France
#74 Portugal
#76 El Salvador
#79 United Kingdom
#81 Russia
#85 Spain
#87 Singapore
#90 Finland
#93 Chile
#96 United States
#116 Norway
#120 United Arab Emirates
#127 Sweden
#163 Lithuania
#163 South Africa
#178 Hong Kong

4) The minute everyone heard the song it has been stuck in our heads especially the Do-Do-Do-Do



face 1

6) Finally the most important thing, your fans think it's a very good idea:

Brian Chaney: Toms diner should be a single because it is completely and utterly Britney Spears. The vocals on the song are soft and sexy. Its just needs to be a single!!!!

Nicole Cromer: I honestly think this song should be a single, because it's so different than anything she's done before. Plus, she sounds beautiful. And, Giorgio did an amazing job producing it. This song needs to be heard!

Cristina Packard: I think Tom's Diner should be a single because it's something from Britney we have never heard before. Not only is it a great vocal, it's surprising, interesting, and mysterious. We are transitioning into a musical era that isn't the same bubblegum pop that we fans grew up with, and this song really shows the creative side of Britney and what her ideas are really like. Britney asked to do this song, and I really hope to see this song blossom into what her vision for it is. Britney is an innovator and I think this is the perfect time to premier this mature sound.

Alycia Harlow:  Giorgio Moroder's and Britney Spears' modernized refresh of "Tom's Diner" is everything a covered remake should be. It is sure to appeal to those of us who heard and loved the original track that was released by Suzanne Vega in 1987 while simultaneously appealing to the younger generation who has never heard it before. The mysterious lyrics fit Britney's vocals perfectly, and Moroder's beats are cool and catchy. I dare you to listen to the song just once and NOT have it playing in the back of your mind for the remainder of your day. Go ahead! Listen! I'll be waiting ... do-do do-do do doo.

Bree Ostmann: It should be a single because it's something different she hasn't done before and I think people should hear how amazing she sounds on it.

Elenita Spears: It should be a single because the world has to know how magical Brit is, because with her angel's voice, no song gets old!

Angel Work: It should be a single because all of Britneys music should be released as singles.

Just think about it.......


Read it on our mainsite!
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