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Happy 4Th Anniversary To The Femme Fatale Tour! @britneyspears


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Man does time fly!

Britney Spears eighth concert tour Femme Fatale turns 4 years old today. The tour was launched to support her seventh studio album Femme Fatale, which was an amazing album.

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The tour, divided in five segments, portrays a story in which Spears is a secret agent, who is chased by a stalker named Tormento Lancie; played by Rudolf Martin. The first section features her escaping from prison along with other female inmates. The second segment displays upbeat dance numbers and ends with a performance inspired by Marilyn Monroe. The third section features an Egyptian theme with fireworks and acrobatics. The fourth segment displays energetic routines and motorcycle costumes. The encore begins with a video interlude of Spears capturing the stalker, and is followed by two performances in which she defeats a group of ninjas.

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The Femme Fatale Tour grossed $6.2 million in the first ten shows, and was included on Pollstar's Top 100 North American Tours list. Worldwide, the Femme Fatale Tour was the eleventh highest-grossing tour of 2011, with a gross of $68.7 million. 697,957 fans attended the shows worldwide, with an average attendance of 8,724.


Loved this tour!!

Did anyone else go to this tour? If so be sure to post on our social media accounts if you have any pictures of when you went.

Happy Anniversary Femme Fatale tour!

Read it on our mainsite!
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So many iconic moments in this tour!! The gimme more/drop dead performance, the baby/s&m, the back bend in womanizer, 3, how I roll, toxic, till the world ends, i wanna go.


Even if it is not a fan favorite I remember that critics praised it as a really entertaining show and it received better reviews from music critics than the circus tour...


In my opinion, it showed that there is still hope that Britney will return one day again as a dancer with performances like slave when she did the biggest part of the choreo again, hold it against me when she performed so much better than the promo performances, till the world ends which had an actual choreo, big fat bass with a real breakdown!!!

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