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Did Ya'll Give It A Listen To New Hilary's Album? :crying2:

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Did ya'll download it? hear it yet? I pirated it first to see if i liked it , and theres not  A SINGLE song i didnt like on the album omg :crying2: the only artist and album who managed to do this for me is Britney , with her album Britney :crying1: i am crying, so many good songs, her voice is so raw , not autotuned and somewhat unedited :crying2: its a pop masterpiece, every song is so different and a story for itself :crying2: Which songs did you like the most? :thinkingpinky: let me know. Btw im purchasing the album on itunes as we speak. And look at the producers who worked on her album omg!

1. "Sparks"  
3:05 2. "My Kind"  
  • Jason Gill
  • Elina Stridh
  3:27 3. "One in a Million"  
  • Nilsson
  • Oscar Görres
  • Ilya
  3:45 4. "Confetti"  
  3:49 5. "Breathe In. Breathe Out."   Koma[7]3:33 6. "Lies"  
  • Hilary Duff
  • Oscar Holter
  • Albin Nedler
  • Kristoffer Fogelmark
  3:36 7. "Arms Around a Memory"   Koma   3:16 8. "Stay in Love"  
  • Micheal Angelo
  • Nilsson
Angelo[17]3:33 9. "Brave Heart"     3:33 10. "Tattoo"  
  3:28 11. "Picture This"  
  3:21 12. "Night Like This" (featuring Kendall Schmidt)   3:46  

Which songs did you like the most? I honestly cant decide, its too good :crying1: AND BUY IT ON ITUNES BITCHES! SHE DESERVES IT! im a die hart brittard but britney doesnt put 15% of the effort Hilary put in this album , so buy it :tbh: 

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