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Playboy Talks About How Amazing Britney Spears Looks!


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You set me on FIRE!

 Playboy recently wrote a great article on their website on how our homegirl has been looking this year. The article praises on how hot Britney has been looking lately. Playboy wrote:

Honestly, Britney Spears has been hot for as long as I can remember. She first hit the scene in early 1999 with …Baby One More Time. I was 10-years-old when that came out, barely enough of a full human to even realize the non-discreetness of a smoking hot teenager asking “hit me baby one more time.“ I can remember my older brother, a die-hard rap fan, even buying the album and never listening to the CD. He just wanted the pictures in the inside booklet. So, for as long as I’ve been old enough to have mature thoughts, Britney Spears has been hot. And 16 years later, it appears she has no plans of slowing down.

That’s Britney out for a run just days ago. Her body is looking as tight and fit as it ever was, even after cranking out two kids. She’s still rocking stages on a regular basis, and putting out some questionable new music. I can’t wait to see her rocking little booty shorts and looking like an 18-year-old in 20 years from now, too. Here are some more pictures of Brit these days, looking as fine as ever.


Click here to see the article.

Special thanks to our flawless member James for finding this for us.

Read it on our mainsite!
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