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Do You Think You Could Use Air Freshner On Yourself The Same As A Body Spray

ooh la la

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like if you use body spray like impulse in an aerosol can, could you use air freshener from an aerosol can. Like the ingredients can't be that different would it have any adverse effects on your health.the reason being is the supermarket aldi every summer always bring back this room air freshener called purple blossom and it is identical in smell to the liac shrub it is lovely. like in the summer i always use body to cool down could you use this instead it is allot cheaper too.

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omgod my username used to be ooh la la , i was like   :ahhhhhh: for a sec.. anyway, i honestly dont kno. i always wondered the same thing lol. but i think the chemicals are more harsh in an air freshener but if u spray a little maybe wont b harmful. try looking in the ingredients and compare them to body spray

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No, never do that. There is a lot of toxic and dangerous ingredients in air freshner, it's already not healthy just by spraying it in the air, it can irritate your throat , eyes , cause nausea, dizziness, headache.., don't even put it on your skin it would irritate it especially on sensitive parts like armpits or whatever. There's a reason why it's specified to not spray on your skin or face, and must be used in ventilated places.

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