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Toilet Training A Kitten When You Have A Dog.

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so not a cat person only have a cat cos i found it in the ditch. Our dog will without a shadow of a doubt if the kitten has an open litter tray go to it and eat the contents. so has anyone any advice on how to toilet train a kitten with a dog. I seen these litter trays that have a cover lid and the cat goes into the container threw the cat flap. but i have high doubt that a cat will go hum  i need to go to the toilet i'll go into that container and go to the toilet. has anyone any experience with these will a cat actually go into these things. i am imagining scenes from meet the fockers where Robert de niro gets the cat to use the toilet.

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omg ive heard of this.. i wish i did when my cats were small but maybe with the proper training it can be done. make sure to give the kitten treats, when it realizes it will get food, it will start doing the same thing.. good luck and hope u get him/her to use the toilet. i think thats a really smart idea

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