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What Forign Food Shops Are There Where You Live

ooh la la

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so where i live we have 



polish they also do some Moldova food

asian wait i think that was closed due health violations 


 thats all i can think of be good if there were a good asian one or French.so what ethnic grocery stores are there where you live.

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I don't think shops with forign food are very popular in my country/town, but I've been in a lot of stores which sell food from different parts of the world in one.

btw did you ever buy and like anything from the polish store? that's where I live :P

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yes i love polish shops there are two where i live cos there is a huge amount of polish people who have immigrate here in the last like 13 years. ye have such good food compared to Irish grocery shops loads of variety and alot cheaper. the sweets and biscuits are great they have loads that are so different compared to irish/uk. far more tasty like marzipan sweets that are cheap and different ideas recipes used in your biscuits/confectionery. also looked in the fridge and there were like bakery standard special occasion cakes in boxes for like ten euro nothing like that here with different recipes they actually seem better than the bakery.also even the room sprays are lovely like one that smelt like a real rose. the fabric conditioner smell far nicer and the cleaning products.

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