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I Find Taylor Swift Song Bad Blood Creepy

ooh la la

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so watched the video got to say i kind of find it creepy. I personally think it is a bad influence i mean from reading in the media about the goings on in us high schools bullying among girls is on a serious whole new level. I don't think it is as bad in irish schools cos most are not mixed schools just either all girls or all boys. so students are less developed and are less adult like consumed with fights over boys.the phoebe prince story which was covered over here was totally shocking. I don't think it is good having a song about having a campaign of dislike for a person and portraying a video with feelings of hate with the character breaking things.i think it is horrible noone should have bad blood for a person work things out or move on with peace. what do you guys think about the song/video.

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Guest Lᴜᴠ3�ɪ♥Hᴀᴛᴇ�ɪ

I can understand where you come from to a certain extent.... but at the same time it's no different than a breakup song about your bf/gf. Some friendships are like love and if she was hurt, I mean we all know she's gonna write about it. :P

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I'm just confused because the song is about Katy Perry and Taylor is being hailed a feminist icon for having all these women in her video and to me it just kinda put a bad taste in my mouth - like she is ganging up on KP. I am no KP fan by any means but to essentially create an army of high profile models, actresses and singers seems like it's a bit contradicting to this feminist message.

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