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Who Here Likes Funfair Rides

ooh la la

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like what happened in alton towers with the roller coaster crash and i remember the femme fetale show i went to in ireland a lady died after the show in a mini funfare that was on the outside the venue. never liked them don't get why people go on them how is it entertaining.been on them a couple of times just cos friends/family wanted to go and evey time get motion sickness and embarrass myself throwing up. it is a total nightmare as well travelling on bus travel on  irish roads, buses makes it worse. especially going anywhere north here is an example going west can threw determination hit and miss avoid throwing up for like a 2 hour journey. half hour north is another story it is like a fricking roller coaster on a bus. well do you like roller coasters do you enjoy them. Or are you scared to even get on one or feel like it is weird paying money to get battered around.

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