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main page The Charts – The Official Top 30 Hottest Britney Army Members 2015 #hbam2015

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There is no denying, that when it comes to the hottest fan base – The BARMY always win, hands down! In fact there have been articles and Twitter trends about it! So having a Hottest chart ala 'FHM 100 sexiest', just makes absolute sense, right?



101 Nominees, 2501 votes, 51 finalists, (1,2) 3 rounds, 1 Winner! Well 2 – as there is a separate list for ladies and gents – so, 2ce the hotness! You are welcome!


Be prepared – things are going to get a little hot in here! Click on the Universe link to see the countdown and your official King and Queen of Barmy Hotness! Ladies and Gentlemen – we present to you, the super sexy Top 30!



Read it on our mainsite!

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