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Fuck Pepboys.


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So hey y'all.


In my pizza delivery adventures, my car broke down friday night.

The engine started shaking and my service light came on. So I panicked.


I took it to PepBoys after my dad looked at it before he left. (He lives in NC, I live in FL.) But yeah, I called ahead and asked for an estimate on replacing the Sparkplugs - they told me $140 USD, that was WITH labor.


I get there, and they charge me $100 just to do an evaluation.

They told me it would cost $530 just to fix the problem.





So I paid the $100 for the exam, and had my insurance tow it back to my house.

When the tow guy came, he discovered my battery died - because they left my fucking car on. Not the engine, just the battery.

So my battery was shot. I thought I could charge it and it'd be fine.


So my mom found someone to come and do the work for me, cause I can't do SHIT with cars. And he got the sparkplugs changed... But the battery is completely fried. Absolutely dead. No way to charge it. We tried with the jumper cables, but it's absolutely completely 100% deceased. So now I'm in here typing this while my mom is running to the nearest car shop to get a new battery.


Did I mention I'm about an hour late for work?




Bottom line - Don't trust any car place that is advertised on TV. Especially if it's advertised as "cheap". Go to a local mechanic. They'll probably do better and cheaper work.


Pepboys tried to charge me $530 USD for a job that could entirely cost $125. Not here for this kind of shit.




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