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A Car Dumped A Kitten Beside Our House In A Ditch

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so around two hours ago we heard little meows coming from a ditch beside our house which is in the country.it was probably dumped there by somebody. well anyway we took the kitten in and it is now asleep under my sweater jacket i'm wearing. we can't tell the age it won't drink milk will try later when more settled cos it might be too out of sorts to drink now. we will keep it though as a pet cos we were thinking of getting a kitten to keep away field mice that come around cos we have hens. It is lovely i think it is a girl she looks like a British short haired cat the hair is short but fluffy and is a blue grey colour.the vet is not open cos it is Sunday and a bank holiday Monday tomorrow.see how it goes she might be fine without a vet


update the poor thing is not drinking or eating so is far younger than thought got a nursing bottle from the pet shop drinking from that. some people are beyond evil who does such a thing anyone would have given this kitten a home it is so pretty and money reasons is not an excuse as the kitten was still sucking off it's mum.

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