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I saw Lorde on Friday.

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I went to her show in London and I'm not a fan. In all honesty, I wasn't too excited and I didn't have high expectations for her because of what she previously said about Brit-Brit but I went because my boyfriend really likes her and I think Pure Heroine is a really strong album.


Despite my bad attitude and expectations.. she literally blew me off. I was in the front row (I pushed my way through, duhh, I can see myself in this picture) and I haven't seen someone so dedicated and clearly thankful to perform in such a long time, she had an amazing connection with public and great stage presence. That sparkle is all I miss in Britney. Her vocals were strong and those little freaky weird dance moves were actually adorable and you could tell she was enjoying the moment!


She gave one of those cute little speechless like Britney used to during Onyx Hotel, saying how thankful she is to perform in front of a sold out venue in London when a couple of months ago she was singing in bars for less than 200 people where only 50 really gave a shit about her music and the rest was there to get drunk, she got kinda teary and it was very sweet.


She really surprised me and I gained a lot of respect for her, I'm currently revising manufacturing accounts for my exam tomorrow and listening to Pure Heroine. :bow:


You can check out some of the videos on my instagram:






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