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meet and greet

All we can say is AW!

A fan of the Britney Army, named Marlo, reached out to Britney-Galaxy.Com to tell her meet and greet experience with Britney Spears. Check out her awesome story below:

On September 6, 2014 I met Britney Spears in Las Vegas. Before the meet and greet I reconnected with Felicia as I have met her several times throughout the years at Circus VIP tour events and during the Femme Fatale tour. She seemed to remember me and when I asked to go first she said sure! I wanted to go first because I also had purchased the general admission pit ticket and wanted to get the closest spot I could on the floor. I had come all the way from Buffalo, NY to see Britney so I was determined to be right in the front of the pit. Anyways, when I went up to meet Britney I told her how much of an inspiration she has been to me since I was sixteen years old (and I’m 33 now) and she said thank you! Then we took the photo and they began to move onto the next fan. After the meet and greet, I was able to find my friend in the pit and be in the front, as I had hoped for! The show was amazing and Britney kept looking at me and smiling! Even my friend noticed that she kept looking right at us. It felt like her eyes were truly “sparkling” from the joy she was experiencing from performing. It was so amazing to see live!!

After this experience, I felt like I was not able to completely express to Britney how much she has meant to me throughout the years. I saw on Britney Galaxy that fans had given her gifts and items to sign and she had actually signed the items for them! I knew I was going to plan another trip to Vegas in the spring so I began drafting my letter and decided to get Britney a shirt from the clothing line Spiritual Gangster, as I had seen her wear this brand before in photos. I chose a tank top that said “Good Vibes” on it and ordered it online. In my letter I said that I hope that she wears my gift remembering how much her fans love her and always wish her “Good Vibes” in whatever she does. Then I asked if she could sign the photo I enclosed from our meet and greet on September 6 and my concert ticket from that day. I wrapped everything up and planned to find Felicia after the show I was going to on May 9 to ask her to give Britney my gift and letter. I knew from my meet and greet in September where Felicia usually stood after the show to pass out the photos. So after the show on May 9 I was able to find Felicia and give her my gift and letter. She recognized me and gave me a big hug and assured me that she would give Britney my gift and letter, but it wouldn’t be until the next show, which was on May 13. I said that was fine and thanked her for everything!

On May 14 I saw a tweet from Britney with a photo attached. I opened the photo, thinking nothing of it, and to my surprise, she was wearing my shirt!! I couldn’t believe my eyes!! Was this really happening?! Then I made the connection that the photo was taken in her dressing room and it was probably taken on May 13 before her show. So I started tracking down the meet and greet photos from that day and saw she wore my shirt for those photos as well!! My dream was now realized knowing that she read my letter and wore my gift! I tried not to get my hopes up that she would sign the items in my letter but I still was checking the mail very carefully every day. Today, to my amazement, I received both of my items in the mail signed by Britney! I still can’t believe she took the time to do this for me! This shows how much she truly cares about her fans! I will always love you Britney!!

What an awesome story! We are so happy Britney wore the T-Shirt you gave her Marlo!

In case you guys do not know what shirt Marlo gave to Britney, see picture below:

good vibes


Read it on our mainsite!

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