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Help Me Design My Britney Themed Room!


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So in the fall I start my last school year of university and I really wanna go ALL OUT with decorating my  room and show off my personality and love for Britney. :) After I graduate I probably should have a serious adult room but I have a whole year to go :P My fave era is Blackout (not hoping to get into a debate about it tho tbh) and I for sure cannot afford to buy new bedding this summer so the color pallet that I can use for everything is set to these colors.


(ps. I know my bedding is kinda fugly but I bought it with my own money and its really fucking hard to find cute cheap bedding) :ashley:




I want it to look really urban and cool tbh. :swag: I would like everything to look like it goes together! :howiroll:


I have a big cardboard circle that I want to put up with a picture of Blackoutney to be the main focal point/decorative statement of the room :tbh:


I want to put a wallpaper on the wall, show me what pattern I should use or if I should use a solid black background


I also have this exact shoebox and I thought about using the lid as wall decor but it might not work. If you can make it work I would be really impressed :xf1:




basically show me pics of like what you would use for the wallpaper, the picture, any other wall decorations, quote I should have on the wall..  anything like that :britney-awyeah: I'm good with diy so if you have any ideas for DIY decor let me know!

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Cuz you wanna go with blackout, and its theme is dark/mysterious/seductive I suggest a wallpaper similar to this one

plus it goes with your bedding really well (its sucha cute bedding tbh) 

Btw we are graduating at the same time yay! :yay1: 

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I'd recommend you using one color wallpaper, then buy some cheap frames, find a cool font (or for example an album font) on the web font and print your favorite Blackout album/Britney quotes and hang them on the all. It always look nice  :) I do the same thing with pictures in my room as well.


Recently, I've also used pictures from Circus photoshoot since it's my favorite album. You can do the same thing using Blackout photoshoot/booklet pics, I think they're gonna fit amazing with your bedding, especially the ones with that floral wallpaper. 



If you don't wanna spend much money on the decor, buy some materials and paints at Michael's and do yourself some pillow covers in dark/red theme. you can also paint feathers, they always reminds me of the dress she's wearing on the album artwork, lol  :pieceofwhat:

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 black feather boa  to drape some where,feather trim maybe on a curtain or on the end of a valance sheet you can get it in a haberdashery shop.they sell it according to the length you want i don't think it is that expensive. I added it before as a trim back in the day when making an apron for school exam.you could get wallpaper with a brick design like she had in the booklet for blackout it was  kind of urban looking.


for the shoebox lid maybe glue it onto a bit of wood to frame it and on the wood boarder draw or paint red lipstick kiss lips that britney has as a tattoo cos xoxo is hugs and kisses. also didn't she get the tattoo around the blackout era.some decorations for the wall could be drawing some sort of hypnotic circles like the design of the cd on canvas. you can get canvas with a wooden back cheap in dollar/euro shops.and you could do the same with the shape square like done on the booklet of blackout using red and black colours also a picture of a motor bike.


 another idea is you could get britney tabloid heading cut outs and just overlay them on top of each other on a canvas you could even make it 3d looking by balling it up and sticking it on balled up.above your bed you could write heaven on earth cos everyone likes relaxing going to sleep it sort of alludes to sweet dreams.


if you have a desk you could write above it  get studying i got a plan a take on get naked i got a plan. beside your mirror you could write hot as ice but then again what does that mean is that a compliment or an insult cos ice ain't hot.

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