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Help Me Design My Britney Themed Room!

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So in the fall I start my last school year of university and I really wanna go ALL OUT with decorating my  room and show off my personality and love for Britney. :) After I graduate I probably should have a serious adult room but I have a whole year to go :P My fave era is Blackout (not hoping to get into a debate about it tho tbh) and I for sure cannot afford to buy new bedding this summer so the color pallet that I can use for everything is set to these colors.


(ps. I know my bedding is kinda fugly but I bought it with my own money and its really fucking hard to find cute cheap bedding) :ashley:




I want it to look really urban and cool tbh. :swag: I would like everything to look like it goes together! :howiroll:


I have a big cardboard circle that I want to put up with a picture of Blackoutney to be the main focal point/decorative statement of the room :tbh:


I want to put a wallpaper on the wall, show me what pattern I should use or if I should use a solid black background


I also have this exact shoebox and I thought about using the lid as wall decor but it might not work. If you can make it work I would be really impressed :xf1:




basically show me pics of like what you would use for the wallpaper, the picture, any other wall decorations, quote I should have on the wall..  anything like that :britney-awyeah: I'm good with diy so if you have any ideas for DIY decor let me know!

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