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Britney Spears New Fantasy Fragrance Coming Soon!


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Guest QueenJocasta

It will probably smell like white chocolate and vanilla

Yall are so lucky


It's gonna smell like Iggy tbh  :chewing:

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Hmm remember the 4 days filming , that makeup agency or whatever that was supposed to style her for a new video, maybe that's it ?? I don't know lol.

4 days for a 30 seconds commercial and a couple of photos? They must be doing something spectacular then  :o

I would actually love her to do a big campaign for her perfumes like she did with the Intimate Collection, because in the last years she has only released them randomly from time to time and I'm sure people don't even know about them.

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Better use Pretty Girl Promo background music to promote the single.


Or a line something like "As a pretty girl, I use "I'm bored Fantasy" by Britney.


"This fragrance is for any and all girls who are pretty, using anything else is stating to the world, you are not pretty nor care to smell that way"

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