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My Latest Emote. :yasqueen:


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You should stop smoking that goonka and actually realize there's more to the world than Uni, but whateva.  


You're one cheesy ass member on here and pathetic.  

Besides, you'd fuck your cousin.  Your opinion is moot. A1l4Iv0.gif

I never said I'd fuck my own cousin. I also think daddy porn is hot - doesn't mean I'd fuck my dad.


I smoke because of my arthritis and several other medical conditions.


And I do other shit than just browse this forum. If you knew me, you'd know that. But you don't, so keep your mouth shut.

You're the one who's constantly on more than one forum.


I'm cheesy? Well, most of the other users on this forum wouldn't agree with that.


Why don't you go back to Exhell and cry about how much you dislike me with Slave4QueenBritney? :queenflopga:

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