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God This News Story Is Sick

ooh la la

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This is so wrong omg, rape literally has no excuse and never will, i am disgusted by people who do it. WHY CANT MEN REALISE, YOU.CANT.FUCKING.FUCK.SOMEONE.BY.FORCE. fucking deal with it already omg, even fucking DOGS would learn this by now ffs :icantt: I am sick of this world tbh, everything is going to hell. My (really smart) aunt had sucha good point yday when she was chatting to me. She said "I think we reached the point where world is really ready for the dooms day to come" . And she's right, I think at this moment, there are more evil than good people in the world. Capitalistic society started basically praying to money, 90% of the people are ready to screw your entire life over for some cash. USA is making fake wars so they and their people can live good and in luxury. People are raping, women,kids, other men. There are reports of so many pedophiles all over the world. Actually I read an article which said that the USA army allegedly recruited pedophiles and rapists from jails! They promised them freedom and in return they'd have to go to the middle east and well....do what pedophiles and rapists do. And then the next day i see a BBC article of how 10 soldiers raped a 10 year old girl before setting her on fire (alive). So fuck yes, i personally cant wait for the dooms day to come, because this world can't handle any more evil, and neither can I tbh.

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