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Over The Top Security For Prince Charles Visit

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so i posted about two weeks ago about prince Charles coming to visit my home town Sligo ireland. well he is coming on the 19th next week.well it is crazy the amount of security that the  British metropolitan police are doing in our country. On Monday or Tuesday night i was in bed and was woken up by the sound of helicopter at 3am over our house and it loitered low for like 15 minutes before moving on. then since that loads of people have seeing/hearing these helicopters loitering and practising different routes all over the area this week some found it noisy and annoying.they were at it yesterday beside where we live,we never get air traffic that low as there is no main airport here.


also during the visit residents of certain areas that are near the different locations they are visiting have to have passes to get to their home and people without passes are not allowed to drive past a certain point. also seven men from the ira have been arrested that had  plot of planting  a serious bomb here that according to the police had a ability to maim and kill within a massive radius. here is the article http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ira-plotted-bomb-prince-charles-5699813. 


don't understand why people would even think to carry out such an act. was kind of excited about the visit it's not everyday you get visits from world figures. I remember as a kid the time mother Theresa came to our town it was like a national holiday celebration and we all went to see her she said a mass outside the cathedral and we got free blessed holy rings. me and my family were going to try catch a look but might be better to not be in the area just encase there was a bomb or anything. i hope there is nothing can you imagine the hate that we would get as a country if something bad happened. any good will would be gone out the window.

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