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Since When Is It Acceptable To Sell People Products That Are Not Fit For Purpose

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seriously i think most companies that sell products or provide services nowadays are just con merchants.it is like give me your money never mind about the rest. I actually feel murderous, got a fence pack of nails and staples they are misshaped and blunt.one nail actually had where the point is meant to be a big chunk of metal jutting out, the staple were uneven and blunt. I spent 20 minutes trying to get one staple in at the bottom of the post.  


Like nothing lasts nowadays and it is shit quality. It is like companies can sell things and unless it is stated that the product works in the description then it is okay to sell shit quality things that don't work.like where has honesty and customer trust gone.


my mum never buys from as she calls it fly by night shops she will only buy from old shops that she has a history with. She gives out if she hears if you bought from fly by nights.as she said she bought a hair dryer a couple months later it stopped working they gave her a new one no question asked or receipt required.


an update for who ever reads this cos it is like so entertaining :) always keep your receipts, even if you only are buying toilet paper.the very time you think oh sure what would i need to keep a receipt for that when did a person every have to return a product like that, it's that time you will need it i never learn.


also tip for blunt misshaped staples or nails if you have one of those electric sanders you can make staples extra sharp and pointy.

this is the one i used.


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