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It's Official: I'm Releasing My Debut Album In June!


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After signing a deal with my current record label, Galaxy Records (née Exhale Records, and I'm the CEO), I have signed a contract obligating me to record my debut album in only 30 days!

I will release songs I've written on my own, and even insert myself into an unreleased QueenFlopga song, that you've never heard.


I'm so excited!

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Mhm and how many songs is on this album? And queenflopga has all unreleased songs :frenchy:

No, he was signed to Exhale Records back in the day. We gained possession of all his material, even the unreleased If I Were A Mod music video! He then released an unauthorized greatest hits album without our prior knowledge. He was dropped from our label that day. :crying1:

He leaked all but one demo, called "Not Posting Just Dead" I leaked the tagged version a while ago, but have "pulled it" from my SoundCloud.

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