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[Req] Design Pack Britney Jean (Tik Tik Boom Logo)

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I thought the design thread mighta had the design packs from the eras. I only have a very early version of the Britney Jean one. Can anyone please post design packs? I am starting on a Fan made Discography project
I would love the logo and the font from the official Tik Tik boom cover if anyone can help please?

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But... what's the original Tik Tik Boom logo? I don't think there is an official cover for Tik Tik Boom since it's not a single :P Did I miss somethin? :moorangu:


he's probably talking about the one from that chinese fake cd :moorangu: 

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The cover for the Remix EP that was released online probably unofficially. Would love to know what that font is. It seems to be the one used for the It Should be easy Remix EP too

I am now looking for that and the Femme Fatal Song title logos and font that is thicker than the femme fatal font. There's heaps of fan covers around with it. I think I may have seen them on Spill It Now forum once but not sure.

I am right in the zone for making the Remix EP collection at the moment (oh that was unintentional pun actually lol) My Britney archive is a bomb site and making the ultimate fan made discography will definitely clear up some of the mess. and then all the scraps can stay unsorted lol

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