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This is the beauty of a place you left y'all


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I have to admit, I kinda missed Exhale cause it was a bit more exciting, but when I saw this thread linked here, I must say I think this change was long overdue. This place is getting better by the day. At least here, people won't be scolding me for stanning an artist I love or telling my fave to retire. I guess these are types of members left at that forum.


In most of the threads I've made, people have been positive, but they haven't been delusional.

Happy to be here, guys :)

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So true. I admit I still go and lurk and see what's happening but nothing is.. only a few regulars left posting.


But yeah I'm sick of the retiring threads! I don't think I've seen one here yet and I love that because it's so positive. I want to focus on the now and not what could happen after Vegas.

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I just went on Exhale (to see Jordan's meltdowns) and the first thing I saw was "Are you happy Britney is over?" and all the negative shit that I was so tired of.


This is a place for Britney fans and it feels positive and this is the spirit britney army aliens need. :bow: :bow: :bow:

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