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My Only Other 2 Artists I Stan For Are Extreme Flops And It Makes Me So Sad.


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Guest GlamBoy

I love Sharpay tbh. She fucking slays lives and this is as iconic as Neyde tbh :ashley:


I want fabulous, that is my simple request

All things fabulous, bigger and better and best :ashley:


It's alright, it's okey

I'm so much betta without yaaaaaaa

I won't be sorry :ashley:

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Ashley Tisdale could have been huge, i have no idea what happened, her songs were amazing, and the last album too. She didn't manage to break through for some reason :(:sosad: i wish she had, i used to stan for her hard. Slaylena took her place now cuz Ashley stopped making music :mhm: 

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Ashley Tisdale and La Roux :ashley:


I love them :crying1:


But their albums tanked really hard :crying1:


But they were both so good :crying1:










You should've made better life choices. 


Ps - I met La Roux's mum once at my old job, she's a very nice lady. 

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