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Did You Know Prince Charles Earns 19 Million Pounds Tax Free Income From The Duchy Of Cornwell

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the duchy of cornwell is a portfolio of land and property interests that is valued in the region of £700 million.The duchy owns around 133,658 acres of land in over 23 counties, including farming, residential, and commercial properties, as well as an investment portfolio.The duchy was created in 1337 by Edward III specifically to provide an income for the heir apparent.also Cambridge university designed a ten week course for prince William to learn about how he will run the duchy estate once prince charles becomes king.prince Charles last year earned 19 million pounds from the duchy, he didn't have to pay tax. I say off with their heads imagine normal people of England having to pay rent to these rich fat cats when the tenets who earn crumbs pay more tax than them.i even remembered a couple of years ago reading an article how prince william and his wife evicted a family from their home where they ran their business from as well cos prince William wanted to renovate it and use it as a getaway holiday house.

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