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The Songs To Make You Cry

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I believe you all know who Leighton Meester is, for those who don't , she's the girl who acted Blare in  Gossip Girl. However, not many know that she is a musical genius with a voice of an angel  :crying2: She released a new album not so while ago, and the songs are giving me life, its all basically acoustic and the lyrics which are so frikin sad, combined with her voice, will give you goosebumps , I promise. So please, it would mean a lot to me (idk why it just would) if you took the time and listened to the songs I'm about to show you. Thank you :hug: 

And here is one live acoustic performance so you could be blessed by this angelic voice :crying3:

I love it :crying2: I could cry for days listening to this tbh.

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