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More Of Giorgio Moroder's Songs Surface Online

Miz Cracker

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They are all really good :o This man is a genius i swear, his production is just without a single flaw :umomg: he knows exactly what to do and what suits the best each artist :tbh: hes very good at what hes doing :) I respect him a lot!

So far they sounds really good, im excited for what's coming up this year :D more collabs please <3

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ikr, she's made her last albums iconic like S&M, Only Girl In the World, Don't Stop the Music and Pon De Replay plus Umbrella was one of her greatest hits ever :D

S&m was such a shocker to people, but i fucking loved it, and then when the remix with Britney arrived, i loved it even more ( i didnt even know thats possible) she has such amazing hits tbh, the only one who can come near Britney out of the new pop stars :mhm: 

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