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Fondue For Two


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Welcome to Fondue for two, this is my special place where i combine the two things i like the most: hot cheese and talking to people

and basically gossiping and talking random stuff 


today my special guest is ValletGirls 


so get your ass in here so we can talk 


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I'm hear dahling :twerkney: and I love fondue! AND CHEESE! every new years, I hold a little bistro where I save up money and buy a variety of expensive cheeses and my friends and I bring in the New Year in a hella classy way :yayy: #whenwillyournewyears? :walkonby: #neva :bomt:



slay mama monster


so you know whats great ? cats ok no! but still


btw: i wanna smoke some weed agin tbh i think the first time i just felt the effect a few minutes 




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