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Do You Think Non Neutral Countries Should Bring Back Conscription

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do you think it would be a good idea to bring back conscription. I think it would be a good idea cos the people who decide to go to war don't for the majority have family members signing up to the army. I feel if they had no choice about their loved ones being sent to war they would think more before engaging in war. I think countries as a whole would be involved in the whole decision and effects and not just tune out and say oh it has nothing to do with me. Like elvis presely was made go to war imagine if justin beiber was sent to war. wouldn't it be brilliant in the future if the world worked on a peace treaty and all countries were bound by a neutral agreement.it is kind of great coming from a neutral country cos there is never a threat.when american soldiers started to refuel at Shannon airport there were loads of protest about it cos it put the country at threat cos under the terms of  neutrality you can't allow a plane to land carrying weapons.a Muslim preacher in the uk said how it is seen as aiding and abetting and makes our neutral status void in the eyes of muslum extremists.which is kind of scary cos we actually don't have an army or arms. our army main job is to everyday transport the money from the bank cos our cops can't do it cos they are not  armed with guns only the army is and as well go on peace keeping missions.


just encase anyone thinks what is she raving about on a britney website she is a fruit loop.just after watching Fahrenheit 9/11 threw no choice of my own tv is crap crap and another crap and it's not really a documentary its a propaganda thing.

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