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Do You Think Non Neutral Countries Should Bring Back Conscription

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do you think it would be a good idea to bring back conscription. I think it would be a good idea cos the people who decide to go to war don't for the majority have family members signing up to the army. I feel if they had no choice about their loved ones being sent to war they would think more before engaging in war. I think countries as a whole would be involved in the whole decision and effects and not just tune out and say oh it has nothing to do with me. Like elvis presely was made go to war imagine if justin beiber was sent to war. wouldn't it be brilliant in the future if the world worked on a peace treaty and all countries were bound by a neutral agreement.it is kind of great coming from a neutral country cos there is never a threat.when american soldiers started to refuel at Shannon airport there were loads of protest about it cos it put the country at threat cos under the terms of  neutrality you can't allow a plane to land carrying weapons.a Muslim preacher in the uk said how it is seen as aiding and abetting and makes our neutral status void in the eyes of muslum extremists.which is kind of scary cos we actually don't have an army or arms. our army main job is to everyday transport the money from the bank cos our cops can't do it cos they are not  armed with guns only the army is and as well go on peace keeping missions.


just encase anyone thinks what is she raving about on a britney website she is a fruit loop.just after watching Fahrenheit 9/11 threw no choice of my own tv is crap crap and another crap and it's not really a documentary its a propaganda thing.

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An idea of a world without war sounds amazing, however, its not what rich countries want. 

First example, the USA. They invest 70% of their money into mass weapon production. In order to sell all these well developed types of weapon, wars need to happen. So what USA does is, making these fake wars, basically, constantly trying to make 3rd world countries turn against eachother. Usually middle east/arabic countries :mhm: Now Americans usually say "oh its not our fault but our governments fault" however a good number of them actually realizes that its these wars that make their country very wealthy, and what makes them have very decent lives with all the luxury many parts of the world can't even think of affording. Basically if it wasn't for wars, USA would be a relatively poor country with not much to offer, but they found their salvation in mass weapon production which they sell for VERY high prices. And ofc, stealing oil for basically free, from poor opressed countries. Which is one of the many reasons why I think american people are to blame for a lot , because many of them are aware of this fact, yet they choose to live relatively wealthy while knowing someone on the other side of the world has to suffer for it. I especially blame arabians in the USA who actually (idk if they realise it or not) are investing in all this insanity. They are indirectly investing their money to the USA so they could create more wars and kill more innocent muslim civilians on the other side of the world, just so they could live good. Somehow seems selfish to me (because would you as an Irish person give money to someone so they could kill Irish people on the other side of the world, just so you could get a nice house, fancy cars and best education possible in return? )  

As far as Europe goes, I think EU (minus the UK and France) is starting to realize that after doing this for a long time, they can't continue with this madness, so most of the EU countries backed off from this about 10 years ago. I have a feeling that Europe will back away from these wars completely in the near future (Except for the UK because they are nothing but the USA bitches :ipass: ) . So yeah, world without wars is not gonna happen as long as the USA exists, maybe some day in the future when they fall to poverty and stop being worlds force, peace will come, but I think when that happens , Israel will take over it all. I am just glad Europe is deciding to back away from it more and more, so thankfully I am not funding mass genocyde by paying taxes to my country. I certainly dont want to indirectly filth up my hands with blood :mhm:

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