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The media reviews are in for Britney Spears cover of Tom's Diner and we could not be more proud of her!!

Take a look at what the media is saying:

"The reenergized cover of the Eighties classic makes the song even more sonically dynamic, with Spears evoking Vega’s subdued, almost deadpan, delivery."- Brittany Spanos, Rolling Stone

Many may be quick to doubt the “Toxic” star’s ability to make the classic hit her own, or simply just tolerable, but Spears is literally in the zone here.  When she has the right song, with the right production backing her (major h/t to the legendary Moroder), it’s almost as though she can take back the pop throne if she really wanted to. Spears does the original justice and actually makes me curious as to what she might be working on in the future. Imagine that? Looking forward to a Britney Spears album in 2015."- Michelle Geslani, Consequence of Sound

"Britney’s take on the track is an ideal musical meeting point between the two icons: While “Tom’s Diner” certainly doesn’t require much of a vocal range on her part, Britney’s delicious speak-singing voice still makes each and every syllable feel utterly, undeniably Britney — even when heavily vocoded and layered to a “Piece Of Me”-like degree — as she slowly moves her eyes across the diner in a daze. (“Instead, I pour the milk…”)" -Bradley Stern, Muumuse

"Much to the delight of music bloggers and electro fans everywhere, a wonky take on Suzanne Vega's hypnotic 1987 hit "Tom's Diner," performed by the Princess of Pop herself, was leaked earlier today ahead of its June release on Giorgio Moroder's first album in 30 years, Déjà Vu. No longer a disaffected anthem of dazed people-watching, Moroder's version of "Tom's Diner" thrusts you right into the action with the heavy use of a vocoder and a steady four-on-the-floor sweep. Amplifying Britney's breathy, pseudo-robo swoon, Moroder has somehow made the classic doo-doo-doo-doo hook even more addictive -- a vision of modern pop that joins together audio technology's past, present and future and proves that the legendary Eurodisco producer hasn't lost his touch. (Not to mention the fact that America's Comeback Queen is also back in full force.)" -Sandra Song, Papermag

"After snippets of the much-anticipated collaboration off Moroder’s upcoming LP Déjà Vu (June 12) surfaced on the Internet earlier this morning, the song has now leaked in full. The track finds Spears putting her breathy spin on Suzanne Vega’s single “Tom’s Diner.” It’s aural vocoder porn and Moroder’s production is the Midas touch that solidifies this remake as a frontrunner for the song of the summer in gold. It's pure, slinky bliss with no "It's Britney, bitch" announcement in earshot. (Thank god. That was getting tiresome.) Now, if you don’t mind, we’re going play this on loop and twirl into the shimmering Friday night." -Hayden Manders, Nylon Mag

"After months of anticipation, Britney Spears’ collaboration with legendary Italian producer and DJ Giorgio Moroder has leaked. The track is a cover of Suzanne Vega’s 1987 hit ‘Tom’s Diner’ – one of those songs you don’t realise you know until someone puts it on at a party. The downbeat eighties track is given a modern Moroder makeover, the minimal beats replaced by driving synths, Britney’s ice cold vocals taking the place of Vega’s cool drawl. At one point, Moroder takes over vocal duties as, according to BreatheHeavy.com, Spears never finished recording her parts. Nonetheless, the track is superbly reimagined by Moroder, and Spears is on top form too, her detached vocals fitting the dark lyrical themes of the song perfectly. Moroder and Spears have produced a killer synth-pop cover of Vega’s hit that will sit nicely alongside the producer’s Kylie collaboration, ‘Right Here, Right Now‘, on his upcoming album. Until its release, however, we can revel in the success of ‘Tom’s Diner’, proof that the veteran DJ can still pull off an excellent dance track and also proof that Britney is still very much in the game." -Alex Norris, EQView

"I never thought I'd be posting about Britney Spears (although she did have a couple jams like "Toxic"), but then she goes and works with the amazing Giorgio Moroder to do a cover of 90's classic "Tom's Diner" by Suzanne Vega, and she nails it! Shows you what a great producer can do. Love the vocal effect they use on her and the catchy guitar riffs. We even get the maestro Giorgio himself doing some vocals of his own, albeit hidden behind plenty of effects." -Ray Milian, OffTheRadarMusic

"Oh wow. We’re so sorry we ever doubted this. This is actually incredible and the perfect sound, direction, and vibe for Britney.
Where do we even begin? The fact that we’re getting Britney’s lower register in full and unfiltered (for the most part) for the first time in forever is a treat all in it’s own. That ‘du-du-duda’ hook? Totally hypnotic. Giorgio really outdid himself with this production. Opting out of his signature disco sound, Moroder goes full on EDM and really brings ‘Tom’s Diner’ into 2015 with such a contemporary sound. Strings, guitars, wubs – it’s all here and it’s all fucking fantastic." -Richard Baxter, Popology

"Britney’s vocals on “Tom’s Diner” perfectly replicate Vega’s original moody recording. She sings under a layer of vocal distortion, a unique addition that adds a further sense of distance and mystery to the track. Spears delivers the track with a heavily accented vocal, emphasizes each word and adding a sense of power and conviction to her attack. There are no huge vocal acrobatics (nor were there in the original), but Britney’s vocal works well with the track. Spears has proved in the past that she is effectively able to emote without belting across a track, and her stripped back performance proves just that. In a way, Britney Spears’s take on “Tom’s Diner” feels even more remote and removed than Vega’s original. The song is almost a chance for the pop princess to call out from behind that glass wall and reveal that all doesn't glisten behind her own panel." -Michael Nied, FDRMX

"Hands down, Britney sounds amazing. Between the uptempo beat and her unique voice, this song is everything. We are getting a futuristic robotic feel and we love it!" -Brittany King, Hollywood Life

"Her cover of Suzanne Vega’s iconic song “Tom’s Diner” leaked today, and now we’re all collectively dancing to the late-80s hit. Brit’s sultry vocals and music producer Giorgio Moroder’s (who Rolling Stone describes as the “Italian disco pioneer”) retro electric beats transform this song into the most perfect thing we’ve heard in a long, long time. And it has us digging around for our old glitter platform shoes and metallic crop tops." -Gina Vaynshteyn, HelloGiggles

"The decision for Britney Spears to cover “Tom’s Diner” is pure genius. Let’s be honest. It fits perfectly within her vocal wheelhouse. No one can sing-speak like the 33-year-old entertainer.Her rendition is hypnotically haunting and robotic. In essence, quintessential Brit." -Donovan, Homorazzi

"Rejoice, Britney stans of the world, as Britney Spears’ song on disco king Giorgio Moroder’s new album has just hit the internet. The track is a remake of the Suzanne Vega hit “Tom’s Diner,” and it is filled with all kinds of Britney goodness.
“I open up the paper / There’s a story of an actor,” Britney breathes over an inciting, electronic beat. “Who had died while he was drinking / It was no one I had heard of.” Mysteriousney to the max." -Michelle McGahan, Popcrush

"This is not a drill: Britney Spears’ “Tom’s Diner” cover just hit the Web and she definitely put her own unique spin on the Suzanne Vega classic. Trust me: Your Friday afternoon just got a whole lot better. I won’t lie… I’m kind of into it." -Alex Kritselis, Bustle

"No matter the subliminal message, Britney has officially become a disco diva provocateur as she jumps on this glitzy groove. Yeah it may be overly autotuned but Brit's signature enunciation is what makes this production an original work of art. She's completely redefined what this song used to be." -Matthew Carenza, The Magic Critique

When will your fave??

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