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New American Idol Judging Lineup Announced!!


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There will be a new American Idol judging lineup next season and the judges announced are as followed:


Chris Crocker



Honey Boo Boo Child



Casey Anthony



and last, but not least, Monica Lewinsky!





Also, Ryan Seacrest is being replaced as the host by Antoine Dodson! :clap:




So what do you think of the new cast of American Idol?? Will you be watching next season?? :bigsmile: I have a feeling the ratings will be huge!!!

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I was gonna say something mean like I bet Chris Crocker would get fired for throwing a rampage for something stupid and Casey Anthony would get so tired of hearing Honey-Boo-Boo's voice that she'd use chloroform against her... This is why I'm going to hell :) And <onica would just sit there and laugh her ass off!!! :gloria::queenie:



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