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Requesting Britney Doll Clothes.

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Hello lovelies <3 I  havent been on here in a while as Ive been more active with my Britney fb groups. 

Anyway! If any of you beautiful britbabies are looking to sell any Britney doll clothes, Im your girl. I have a bunch of nude

Britneys (I call rescues  :crying1: ) That are nude and dont have any clothes. Usually I just use them for OOAKS but i havent had the time

to do any. :(


So let me know which clothes you have, and what you would like for them. 



I am also looking for POPDIVAS Britney outfits!! 

Also if anyone has bulk barbie clothes, Id be interested in those as well for future OOAKS. 


Outfits I dont have are as follows:

(Some are rare so I dont expect anyone to really part with them, but its worth a shot)


-BOMT black/white schoolgirl outfit

-Pink Slave outfit

- Pink Lucky outfit

- White OIDIA outfit

- Black/White OIDIA outfit

- Pink Grammy dress 

- Silver/pink cowgirl outfit.

- White Kittycat outfit

- Red/white Lucky outfit 

-Black "The Beat Goes On" Outfit

- Leather Outfit (From the Material Girls/Nasty performance)

- Yellow & Red Gym outfit from BOMT

-  Pepsi Car park/ suspenders outfit 

- Pepsi Hippie outfit 

- NAGNYAW outfit 

"I Will Be There" - Silver Velour Mall Tour Outfit

- Disney Concert Special outfit  

- "(You Drive Me) Crazy" White Fringe Jumpsuit 

- "Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know" Rainbow Dress

- Purple Jumpsuit Outfit

- Elvis jumpsuit outfit 

- Grammy awards white dress 

- 2000 Grammy Awards - "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart" outfit 

-.Baby One More Time" Orange Jumpsuit

- Football Jersey Outfit

-Camouflage tour bus outfit  




Can you believe I have about 45 britney dolls WITH outfits and these are the ones I DONT have? I had no idea they made so many!

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