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So Prince Charles And Camilla Are Going To Visit Sligo My Home Town

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it was announced yesterday that they are visiting in may a couple of weeks time. It is the first time he has visited the republic since his uncle  lord mountbatten was blown up in sligo while spending time in his holiday home in 1979. he was out on a little fishing boat with his grandchild and two local kids and the ira put a bomb on his boat.i think the reason he brought two local kids out on the boat with him the whole time to try and deter a bomb being put on the boat. i never drove by his old estate house till Christmas when i had to do tourist things with visiting family it looks fancy and there is his name and coat of arms at the gate.


i was reading some people response saying how it was a bad idea cos it gives sligo a bad name all that old stuff being brought up in an official visit and how it would be more appropriate to do it in his own private time.cos the republic is so far removed from the troubles in northern Ireland it is like a different country really the dispute is between northern ireland and the united kingdom it doesn't have anything to do with the republic.it was brought to sligos door just cos he decided to have a holiday home here.


also i read how prince charles stated in an interview how his uncle was killed in northern Ireland which is kind of insulting and ignorant cos it is a totally different country.it is kind of in bad taste his whole visit because the national tourist board is trying to revive the economy of the north west by selling it as a scenic tranquil place of beauty not the place where mountbatton was killed.also i don't think  he was that nice of a person one Google of his name showed up these articLes http://www.indymedia.ie/article/20885?userlanguage=ga http://www.independent.ie/opinion/columnists/kevin-myers/kevin-myers-mountbatten-a-vile-psycho-killed-by-thugs-26788852.html


my aunty is over the moon  she loves the royal family.would you line the roads to catch a glimpse of the royal family.instead of flowers you could give them a necklace made out of tampons in honour of the time prince charles phone was hacked and he was caught saying to camillia i wish i was a tampon so i could stay inside you all day. titles don't guarantee class yuck.

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