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Any success stories from dating an ex?

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oww nice topic btw:


so i will make my story short: i dated someone for a year and we broke up last year.... but in december he called me and asked me if i wanted to get a beer with him, we did and it was fun we kissed a lot ... but he had a bf... nothing happend after that.. next week he callled me telling me he broke up with his BF and he wanted me back, that loosing me was hte worst thing that he ever did... but saldy that was just words... he was devasted and started drinking again (stuff from the past) so nothing happend after that unitil late november when he called me that he was scared because he did coke forthe first time so i took care of him and we had a great night and morning but then he went back to his home town ... his uncle passed away and he is a family guy so.... but when he came back on january we decided to try it again... but some stuff didn't work out but later he reached me again and now we are 3 months togther and we are doing much better he chaged



i'll give you an advice...


  1. don't get your hopes up at all
  2. act cool all the time
  3. dont ask stuff you don't wanna know about (like bf, stuff from the past)
  4. be strong


let me know who this ened :)

and good luck 

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