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I Got Accepted Into A Manic Depression Program!


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No, I am not the one who suffers this condition. Quite contrary.

There is a program in my country where young people may apply and get accepted (if chosen to be good for it) to actually hang out with patients who suffer manic depression and help them see the world through different eyes.
If you get accepted you are to pick one or two people who are diagnosed manic depression, and you should be their guidance through life for a week or two, you get to choose. You have to take them out with you into the nature , or through your daily life in general, express your thoughts and ideas, and transfer the positive energy onto them. You gotta literally share your opinion about everything you see, hear or feel in the outter world. Because as a guide , your opinion is mostly positive and pink, while patients with manic depression see everything as hopeless, grey and pointless. 

AND I GOT ACCEPTED!!! :yay1: i did interviews with a few psychologists and psychiatrists so they could decide if im a positive, caring and considerate person. And I just got an e mail that I am accepted! I start tomorrow :umomg: I am so excited because I will actually be able to help a person and possibly make his/her life better! :) I literally teared when I got accepted :crying2: I cant wait to help someone! :)

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You know what? That is amazing, you should be so proud of yourself.  :hug:


Do your bit to make the world a better place. What a gem! :thumbsup:

Thank you! It means so much to me that you said that :D i really do try a lot because people seemed to stop caring about eachother completely :( and thats sad because we are all the same

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that's awesome, congrats!!!!


i really want a program like that in my country so i can be a patient there :/

it's sounds more exciting than just go to therapy tbh 


but anyway congrats :D

Do you suffer depression hun? :( im so sorry that u do, i wish i could help you :hug:

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At least some of us still have humanity :clap:

yeah :) we just need more of these people, you have no idea how many young boys and girls out there are depressed, thinking and feeling they are worthless and worse/;less competent than others :( its sad and it makes their lives VERY difficult. What seems a really problem to us, seems like a HUGE problem to them and they cant snap out of it! that's why they need our help.

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Wonderful! Just so great - you are doing something truly kind and wonderful because so many people suffer and don't have people in their life that bring that positive energy that you have :) best of luck

thank you! I was thinking of getting more involved and presenting this program to other countries somehow, i need to find a way to get in contact with the authorities first, this should be a world-wide thing tbh

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