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Do You Think Muslim Extremists Are The Modern Day Nazis

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Muslim extremist count for 15 to 20 percent of the total of Muslim population in the world.that is around 300 million people who want see the destruction of the western civilisation. isis are similar to hitler in that Hitler Nazis movement used violence to lead the rest of the majority of Germans who were not Nazis to go along with his ethnic cleansing. hitler was against the Jewish culture and any other culture that deviated against his view of an Arian race.muslim extremest are against western culture in the same way and the extremists are situating themselves within countries in which they don't like the culture.the reason maybe because Hitler was an actual leader of a  country so he could base his fight from Germany. Muslim extremist don't have a country so they are dispersing to western countries to base their fight.do you think muslim extremists are modern day nazis.if there was an ethnic cleansing going on in the future what could individuals do to stop it.like when you read history books about the holocaust and think how come people stood by and did nothing. waiting for countries to intervene and decide if they will or they won't like what happened in the holocaust world war 2 during that waiting 12 million were killed. 


just to be clear i know 75 % of muslims are nice kind people.

this is a video example of hate within a western country



this is the documentary that the clip came out off. the woman interviews members of edl English defence legue which i think they are wrong they are a thug group,racist and are western extremists.

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Lol no. First of all, muslim extremists are not a real thing, its made up, although I am sure there are minor muslim groups that are very aggressive, but that exists in every single nation,culture and religion, and that includes christians, europeans and white people. Christians, in all honesty and objectivity, did way more evil to the world, remembering the Crusades is more than enough, millions of people died back then just so they would be converted to christinaity. Whereas Islam strictly forbids to make other people convert to it through force and violence. Qur'an says that if you want a person to join you in your religion you are to do it peacefully and by teaching him/her as much as you can on your religion. The fact a few aggressive "muslims" who probably dont even know what Qur'an is do a complete opposite does not make Islam an evil religion, or muslims evil people. Hitler was a proud Christian, Breivik is a proud christian too, who killed over 200 young people in Norway just because they support democracy and good life for immigrants who come from poor and war-ruined arabic countries. I usually don't like comparing , but since you brought it up, historically, christians did much worse to the world than any other religion could. Not to mention how white people actually tend to put down everyone around them. Ofc not all the white people (im white myself) but majority does.

An example in the USA:

Black person owns a gun: a criminal, jail him!

Muslim person owns a gun: A terrorists! jail him!

White person owns a gun: "whoa man this is my right by constitution you can't take it away from me!"

So please, the hipocricy of white christian people has no limits lately :ipass:

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it worries me that ye think muslim extremism is not a real thing.i know the phrase one mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist i'm from ireland.but what are these people ighting for they are hurting people for evil reasons.irish freedom fighters in english jail were considered criminals instead of prisoners of war which lead to the hunger strike of bobby sands they wanted to be recognised as soilders fighting for equal rights for a country and independence.  most people in the world think white Americans with guns carry out most violence relating to guns in america and are school shooters and random shooting nutters who go into cinemas and kill people.i think all organised religion is evil not the followers but the institutions who run the religion. i don't think hitler carried out the holocaust for a Christian goal he killed millions of polish Catholics. but muslim extremists are real they may not regard themselves as extreme. but i would consider them extreme because they don't abide by the law of the country they are living in but they abide by sharia law. if these extremist dislike western countries countries culture why don't they go to one area instead of conflicting and harming people. this woman brigitte gabriel seems to be knowledgeable on the topic


this is the latest news item about isis beheading ethiopeans


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well first off, they're not Muslims, they're kharijite heretics who openly disobey many of the Quran's tenets. Understanding that will actually allow this country to have a dialogue on our idiotic foreign policy instead of consistently using Muslims as a scapegoat to avoid or altogether ignore the real problems.

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In my opinion this is all just a matter of respect and understanding there are many religions in the world and to keep in mind nobody should go to hell just because he doesn't share the same religion as you. When you travel to some other country to live in, you should respect the country and it's people and especially their culture. Because when your uneducated you will talk stupid shit like that muslim woman said to this woman Brigitte about her clothes. Religion is one thing, but to play God is another... The problem is they don't respect anything or anyone, but their own. It's so sad to see how many people in this world are like that, full of hate for no good reason. Religion teaches to have compassion, to love one another, not to kill in the name of God. :(
This is where I see a similarity with the Nazis-they didn't care about anything or anyone, but theirselves and Hitler wanted to make the whole world his own and there to be only one nation-the german nation. The muslim extremists/terrorists want the same fucking thing. To spread their religion to everyone and to make their culture the one and only in the world, but if they were more educated about the subject they would realise what they do is crazy, cruel and anti-religious. I also believe the real "true" muslims aren't like that at all, and just like you said, kindhearted people.
(in my opinion)

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Guest Lᴜᴠ3�ɪ♥Hᴀᴛᴇ�ɪ

No, I think extremist Christians are.

I luv3 you :lol3:

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