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An Incredible Story Of A Britney Stan, Matt Stopera Who's At The Pom Show Tonight

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Matt Stopera, who's a Britney Stan since he was a kid... He was on Britney : Fanography



Now he works at Buzzfeed. He became famous because his Iphone was stolen from a bar in NY. Then one year later, he noticed  lots of weird photos he didnt take appearing on the photostream of his new Iphone. Many of the photos are a guy with orange trees. Then it turns out, his stolen iPhone ended up in China, Then China people on the internet were helping Matt finding the man with the orange tree. They DID find the man and the man said that His cousin gave him that Iphone. and Matt finally went to China to meet that Guy which nicknamed "Orange Bro" ~ Then, days ago, Orange Bro came to USA and they meet up again and they were on the Ellen Show (airing on Monday) and then Matt took Orange Bro on a road trip to Vegas to see Britney TONIGHT!!! Matt tweeted a bunch of tweets about it and he met Britney's Father and stuff~~ you guys can follow his twitter~~ and read his unbelievable Stolen Iphone Stories Below:


Part I :  Who Is This Man And Why Are His Photos Showing Up On My Phone? http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/who-is-this-man-and-why-are-his-photos-showing-up-on-my-phon#.hgEqY8288


Part II: How I Became A Minor Celebrity In China (After My Stolen Phone Ended Up There) http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/how-i-became-a-minor-celebrity-in-china-after-my?utm_term=.ydDwv431D#.adlkdLpLL


Part III: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/i-followed-my-stolen-iphone-across-the-world-became-a-celebr#.atR6aeree


Matt's Britney-Related Tweets with Bro Orange:




















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