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Tmz: The Difference Between 2 Candidates


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Saw this and had to share the difference haha


Here's US Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) gettin TMZ'd at the airport. lol he stans for Nicki, it's kinda refreshing to know there's even politicians who know current pop artists :gloria: also, he's been a Nicki stan for a while (since "Monster"). Also stans for Swedish House Mafia and Axwell /\ Ingrosso. Thus, he's prolly listened to Britney, considering Ingrosso basically made Work Bitch and Nicki's featured on TTWE remix (and it's a good verse too, don't kid yaselves).



Here's former Democratic US Sec. of State Hillary Clinton gettin the TMZ treatment, also at an airport. lol HBIC wasn't havin none of it :lmaolol:




personally, I'm really not a fan of Hillary at all. her foreign policy destabilized the Middle East, she's shrouded in scandal all the time, and doesn't really offer any new ideas. No more Clintons (or Bushes) tbh :tbh: I hope a more exciting democrat challenges her so at least it'd be interesting. 



in the meantime, I feel like a grocery shopper when it comes to all these different Republican candidates :imfab: . I'm not super duper conservative or religious, but this year's field of people is MILES ahead of 2012's, which was the saddest most pathetic event I've ever had to witness :orangu: not really feelin Cruz at all cuz I'm not a tea partier, but I wouldn't mind hearing more from Paul and Rubio :aintevenmad: not that they immediately have my vote, but i'm definitely listening way more than I'm ignoring atm, which was kinda the flip side of 2012 :britney-eeeek:  any other US peeps chiming in?

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