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Rule #1: Never Upset Our Girl Britney Spears #pieceofme


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Controversialney is back y'all  :smokeney:

I do think it could be true that she heard people in the audience saying rude things at her and that she thought her mic was off, but it was on and gave us another iconic moment! I wish they would let her explain herself in an interview or even on a tweet, we need context!

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She did just say Fukking a$$hole though the pural fits. Really that fukktard was acting like a lot of the fans on Exhale. Calling her horrible names all night.

Exactly, it's totally normal to get mad at some point if you keep hearing people saying rude things to you, it happens to everyone! I hope the media and the gp don't make a big deal out of it.

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Britney spears was on fire last night during her piece of me show tonight but towards the end of the show someone upset our girl Britney.

When Britney was about to start her song "Till The World Ends" someone in the pit upset her and her response was "fucking asshole". A fan asked Felicia, Britney's assistant tour guide, why Britney said that and her response was "Britney probably got mad at someone from the pit".

We have no confirmation on what was said to her that made her upset but hey don't EVER mess with our queen! We are glad she stuck up for herself and we got a little circusney tour tease.

Click here to watch the clip.


Read it on our mainsite!

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She wouldn't be able to hear anyone saying shit though because her earpiece would be in and the sound from the speakers/everyone in the audience would block it out LRB oh and the live vocals WhistlingTheHatersAway.gif


They would have yelled it after she asked if people want one more song, before the music started.

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