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main page Marina Cancelled Her Show Tonight To See Britney Spears #pieceofme Show!

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Rule number one to Marina is to always be the best Britney Spears stan!

Marina reveled in a recent interview that she cancelled her show tonight just to go see our girl Britney slay in Las Vegas, ICONIC. Check out what she had to say about seeing Britney tonight:

Ah! You’re a big Britney fan?

Oh, yes. I’m seeing her on Wednesday in Vegas! I actually canceled a show of my own to go. I told my agent, “Listen, I’m doing Vegas on Monday and I see that Britney’s performing on Wednesday, so that’s got to happen.” With Vegas, I have no real interest in the gambling scene or anything—I’m just there for Britney.


Have fun tonight Marina!!!

Read it on our mainsite!

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