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Tinkie Winkie Says E’Oh!


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WOWZERS! 16 years ago today,  the original 'MANBAG' trendsetter, Tinkie Winkie, got to share not only a bed, but a cover with the one and only Miss Britney Spears.


The first ever Britney Spears Rolling Stones cover is arguably the most controversial (and may we add super sexy) covers of all time. Iconic does not even begin to describe it – and every other Rolling Stones cover there after for that matter.

Take a trip down memory lane and read the article below – you will be surprised how spot on it is to the Spears legacy today..



P.S – ever wondered who Britney was on the phone with? Well, us of course – DUH!

Read it on our mainsite!

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So many milestones.  1999ney, in retrospect, was so unapologetic about her jailbait image.  This photoshoot personified her image: childhood innocence with adult sexuality.  No other teen queen before her or after has managed to strike that chord but it does borderline on creepy.  


So damn true. By the way, I like this photoshoot....

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Reading that interview now and so much has changed but she still seems to be the same. She obviously had no idea of all the bad she was about to encounter and so much success. I think she wasready for it but at the same time it all hit like ton of bricks. She's in a good place now but I wonder what she would say if she did an interview where they had her read this or any other past interview. She'd probably be embarrassed, proud, and nostalgic all at once.

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