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Do You Think It Is Safe For Females To Walk By Themselves In Forests Trails

ooh la la

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so do you think it would be safe to walk with our two family dogs.they haven't been getting much walks cos everyone is at things at different times although they are allowed to run around themselves outside but it is not the same as a walk.what do you think the likely hood of someone attacking you if you are walking alone with two dogs.there are loads of different forests where i live.they are a mix of bison frise/shih tzu and poodle/cocker spaniel.

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Guest Lᴜᴠ3�ɪ♥Hᴀᴛᴇ�ɪ

it's not safe for anybody :( unless you're like a buff man and people don't want to mess with you, or you know martial arts :lolll: but not even because people can carry guns and rob you no matter who you are

I'm not trying to scare you, but I wouldn't do it tbh. Just go with someone, or walk your dogs around your neighborhood :ohokay:

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