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Did You Know That Britney Spears Is A Super Human?

Term of Endearment

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Prepare to be blown away - like TOTES BLOWN AWAY! We always knew Queen B was something special - and completely super human - but now we definitely have all the proof we need. I mean can your faves walk on air like this?




Thought not! But just in case you think this was a once off fluke - here is some more proof:




HOLD UP - Still do not believe us? How about this?




UHA! DAMN RIGHT - I mean Floatney - eat your heart out! When will your faves be able to levitate? But what type of stans would we be if we did not rub this in a little more...




There she floats with FANTA FANTA - NO COKE! in hand. So effortless... We are in awe! All that is missing is her fave bag of Cheetos... perfection... and to top it all off - she actually really did wake up like this - FLAWLESS!


Thanks to @@FataleVero on Twitter for bringing this to the BARMY's attention - We were blinded by the glowing light surrounding Britney - we almost did not even notice it at first...





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