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Was The Place Where You Live Ever Broken Into

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 was reading about sandra bullocks home invasion. has the home you lived in ever been broken into how did it happen and how did ye feel afterwards,where you live are home invasions common.about four years ago i was staying in our family home during holiday time from college.at around 4.00 am my mum went down to kitchen to get a mid night snack as she was walking down the corridor she heard rustling.she looked behind her and there was a man trying to hide in the corner. when she locked eyes with him he smiled at her and walked calmly to the kitchen. at this point she started roaring like a lunitic she ran into my room and i woke up with her roaring in my face shouting my dead dads name god save me help me he is coming over and over.


my sister and my mum started jumping out the window  i went to the door got the key and locked the bedroom door.then my mum shouted at me to come they went running up the road which was a good bit to our nearest neighbour. i couldn't actually run cos my knees went to jelly and was weak with shock. then we got the police for all the help they were they couldn't hardly climb in the window. they didn't get anyone for it.about two weeks later my mum was outside the house and she saw a man in the middle of the garden and he fled. there was snow on the ground and there was the persons foot prints all around the garden near the house. any more since no matter where i am i lock the bedroom door at night and lock every internal room door.for nearly a year after i kept waking up at four o'clock and couldn't go back to sleep cos i was scared and couldn't wait till it got bright in the morning.


there are actually alot of break ins where i live a poor man was murdered in a break in. and get this the house was just across the road from the police station.they beat up the old man and rang the guards saying how they left a man tied up in a house near the station and described the door. the cops were so thick they couldn't figure out where the house was.then the old mans wounds didn't get medical treatment in time so he died. they actually as well put candle wax in the old mans eyes.the people who did it were Irish gypsies. 

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