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The Only Problem With Froot Is The Album's Flow.

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When I first read a description of the album, the way it sounded was that the first tracks were the happiest, and the last were the saddest or darkest.


But when I listened to it, it didn't sound like that. A lot of songs seemed out of place.

So I re-arranged it so it meets the original description.


Please note that this is how I interpreted the album and this is all an opinion. kf3zp5.jpg


  1. Happy
  2. Froot
  3. Can't Pin Me Down
  4. Blue
  5. Gold
  6. I'm A Ruin
  7. Weeds
  8. Forget
  9. Solitare
  10. Better Than That
  11. Savages
  12. Immortal

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